Patricia Goodwin: Author

“Goodwin's prose is sharp and descriptive, invoking vivid word pictures…a strong undercurrent of tension and horror.”

- Kirkus Reviews

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“Childhood is a seduction. We fall in love – with our parents, our grandparents, our home. We depend on them utterly and they shape us into who we are. What is true for a normal childhood is doubly true for an abused child. In an abusive household, the children are like captives who look to their parents and loved ones for support and guidance, but receive pain mixed with affection. I wanted to explore what happens to a child who is confused about right and wrong. A child who is not brutally beaten, but violated nonetheless. That child is like a kidnapped victim, trapped in the Stockholm Syndrome. They grow up as dependent as a captive, both loving and hating their home, both formed by it and aching to break free from it.”

- Patricia Goodwin

Holy Days is about the sexual, psychological seduction of Gloria Wisher. Spanning 20 years, Gloria’s story begins with her life as an innocent 3-year-old in a sensual and loving extended family of Italian-American grandparents in East Boston.

When she is 8 years old, her father and mother move away from this Italian-American enclave to Revere, where her life degenerates into a twisted mix of perverse pleasures and traditional values. Gloria is never safe, even in her own bed. In a dangerous urban environment, Gloria must struggle to find the meaning of womanhood, despite her domineering father and the mother who turns a blind eye to reality.

Together, family and neighborhood conspire to force Gloria to cling like a captive to her abusers. Desperately searching for help, Gloria discovers real friendship with another troubled young girl who lives nearby. For the first time, Gloria receives the genuine love and inspiration she needs to break free of the family and community that threaten her life.

Left with only one path to salvation, Gloria commits a sensational murder that catapults her beyond the role of survivor to feminist icon. Fearlessly told in Goodwin’s lush, bold style, Holy Days is perhaps the first novel to explore the love and compassion that survival too frequently demands. As Gloria said, “They tried to kill me in this place of love and horror. They tried to kill me, but they couldn’t because I loved too much.”

What happens when two women die?
They become legends.

About the Book

Patricia Goodwin has written a fictional thriller linking two murders, and two women, who died and became legends in a beautiful seacoast town layered with historic mystery: in 1690, a simple town of fishermen, pirates, and a few officials; in 1991, a sophisticated town full of wealthy professionals and their families; old, stalwart Yankees; and a few men who still make their living by the sea.

“A fast-paced, multilayered story of seaside murders separated by three centuries…a suspenseful book in which both stories hurtle to their tragic conclusions.”

- Kirkus Review

What if the truth is more dangerous than the dream?

About the Book

Dreamwater, the sequel to When Two Women Die - Full of beauty and violence, magic and the paranormal, Dreamwater is a thrilling tale of Marblehead characters, past and modern, trying to achieve their dreams against the often horrifying adversities of real life.

“A well-thought-out fantasy epic, for history buffs and ghost-story-lovers alike…imaginative and well-written…sensationalized…sex.”

- IndieReader

"Dreamwater is the compelling second novel by Patricia Goodwin, which delves deep into the lives of several of the characters from her thriller, When Two Women Die…I found Dreamwater to be a well written gripping suspense that was difficult to put down. The story switches back and forth between past and present and Patricia Goodwin does an excellent job of keeping the story moving along in the transition so I never felt lost or confused.
I highly recommend picking up a copy of Dreamwater."

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